Ombri Lash
Ombri Lash
Ombri Lash
Ombri Lash

Ombri Lash

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Our Ombri style lash has a subtle, playful, and fun look. These lashes live up to their name because of their two-toned black/brown colour. If you have naturally light-coloured lashes or want an equally natural look with your falsies, these are the lashes for you! Because of their lighter colouring, they give an even more subtle blended look with your natural lashes and still give you beautiful, full, long lashes. These lashes are faux mink so no animal fur is used!

Lash Length:12-15mm

Band Length: 35mm


They are also:

Tip: Clean and store lashes in their box to extend their longevity.

When applying your lashes with Mi Beauti Attraction Fixative Eyeliner, they are:

  • Kinder to eyes than traditional lash glue
  • No Clumps, No Mess, No Latex
  • Windproof & Waterproof

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Classi- Subtle, natural look. 8-12mm long

Ombri- Subtle, playful, and fun look. 12-15mm long

Pretti- Delicate and sophisticated style. 10-25mm long

Cheeki- Flirty and playful look. 15mm long

Foxi- Bold, flirty, mysterious look. 12-15mm long